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Post Scriptum: Enlistment Example
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:23:54 am »
Nickname: Saga

Historical Name: Henry Evans

Is this name available? (Check the Roster): Yes

Link to Steam Profile:

Do you own a copy of Post Scriptum?: Yes

What Country do you live in?: Canada

Are you part of another unit?: No

Have you read the post about event times?: Yes

What units or gaming communities have you been part of?: I was part of Diplex's 79th, 33rd, and 63e, all of which would bring in over 100 members to events at the peak of their existence. Later on I made my own unit called the 98th which peaked at around 40 members but was strictly NA. My time in NW was summed up by being the Adjutant of the 3rd in 2015. I went on to Arma 3 Life where I was both a gangster and a cop in my time there. I assisted A3L as a member of the Support Team where I helped people with technical issues, and conducted interviews of new members. Earlier this summer I was part of the 14th for Rising Storm 2, we disbanded in August. Nowadays I occasionally play an op or two with SquadOps for the game Squad.

Have you read and understood your responsibilities as a community member?: Yes

Have you read and understood the rules?: Yes
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