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Post Scriptum: Enlistment Applications / Application: Ringuerel - DENIED
« on: October 09, 2018, 12:40:56 am »
Nickname: Ringuerel

Historical Name: Ringuerel

Is this name available? (Check the Rosters): Yes

Link to Steam Profile:

Do you own a copy of Post Scriptum?:Yes

What Country do you live in?: Colombia

Are you part of another unit in Post Scriptum?: No

Have you read the post about event times?:Yes

What units or gaming communities have you been part of?: None

Have you read and understood your responsibilities as a community member?: Yes

Have you read and understood the rules?:  Yes

Optional: How did you find out about us?:Playing with Novomir

Optional: If one of our members recruited you, what was their name?:Novomir

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