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How to use HOI4 Coordinator
« on: July 19, 2018, 12:54:04 am »
HOI4 Coordinator is a group for coordinating multiplayer games of HOI4.
Everyone has the ability to anounce messages and coordinate games.

Steps to a Successful Pre-Made Game:
1. Make a Discussion topic with Rules, Times, Mods, and an Intent, by posting a new topic here.
2. Announce the creation of this Topic on the steam group.
3. Assign those interstead in playing into countries, choose players you trust to be active for multiple sessions as majors.
4. Announce game times, as a reminder, and schedule it as an event through the steam group.
5. Announce Hot Join times and future sessions of that save.

Do not spam click announcemets.
Announcements must only be used to announce a game, start time, and hot join times.
Do not delete other peoples posts.
Discussion topics in this board must only be used to coordinate games.
Do not invite people who do not have a legal copy of HOI4.

Forlorn Hope - Community Discord:

If you are not part of the steam group request entry to it here:

The Discord is the primary place for impromptu games, feel free to use this board for pre-made ones.
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