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Leave Tickets: Example Copy
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:04:23 pm »
This post is a copy of the original found in a section of the forum that is only accessible to tagged members.
You may be inducted into the regiment before you are tagged, this example is meant to be used in your induction process. Do not post tickets here.

Once you have been tagged on the forum you can access the actual post using the button above or this link:

How to Request a Leave of Absence

The purpose of this system is for your Section Corporals to know whether or not you are still active.
This system is tied in with our roster where you will see your attendance marked down.

You must keep your attendance (Status) at 100%.
If you are absent but you have left a post here, your average will NOT go down.

Roster Legend
Green - Attended (Average goes up or stays at 100%)
Red - Absent (Average goes down - your Section Staff will contact you about this)
Yellow - Excused (You have posted here, therefore your average will not change)
Black - Attendance not Required (NA players are not be required to attend EU events and vice versa, or a special arrangement has been made.)

You need to submit a ticket here for each event you will miss. If you will miss multiple events then submit the range of days for which you will be away.
Your section staff may post on your behalf if you are unable to.
Tickets are due the day of the event. You may send them in afterwards in cases where you were unable to send them beforehand.

To submit a ticket, copy - paste the provided format, and click "reply" in this thread.
Do NOT start a new topic
The reason does not need to tell your life story, it can be vague.

Code: [Select]
[b]Historical Name:[/b] Surname, First Name
[b]Which Roster are you listed on?:[/b] NA or EU
[b]Day(s) that you will be away:[/b] DD/MM/YY - DD/MM/YY
[b]Reason:[/b] Short Reason

Be aware that although your attendance may be at 100%, if you are absent and excused a lot, you may lose your slot in a section, and be put in the reinforcement pool. This wont affect your ability to play with us but will affect your chances at promotion.

If you would like an extended leave of absence (1 month+) please contact your Section Corporal.

Example's of Leave Tickets.
Historical Name: Carter, John.
Which Roster are you listed on?: EU
Day(s) that you will be away: 27/06/18, and 29/06/18
Reason: Leaving the town for a couple of days
Historical Name: Watkins, Ormlbd
Which Roster are you listed on?: EU
Day(s) that you will be away: 01/07/18
Reason: Attending grad party
Historical Name: White, Jake
Which Roster are you listed on?: EU
Day(s) that you will be away: 24/06/18
Reason: Need to learn for a test tomorrow

These tickets take about five seconds to complete, and greatly assist in the management of active and inactive members.
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