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Holdfast: Event Times - EU/NA
« on: September 24, 2017, 02:22:07 pm »
We are have a presence in both NA and EU communities. Each side has their own events and come together in a joint event on Sunday. EU events are announced in GMT and NA events in EST. Players are welcome to attend each others events if available.

Event Times
EU Events are at 18:30 GMT
     1. Wednesday
     2. Friday
     3. Sunday

NA Events are at 19:30 EST
     1. Friday
     2. Sunday at 13:30 EST [/size]

Since the developers have been failing to fix melee in over a year we have cut back on the number of events, if that update happens we will consider re-adding those.
There may be additional special events scheduled for naval battles and coastal sieges.
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