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Holdfast: Enlistment Application Instructions
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:54:40 pm »
Joining Instructions

Please select and fill out this application by creating a "new topic" in Enlistment Applications:
Make sure to name this new topic as Application: Your Historical Name

The purpose of this application is for the unit to have some basic information about you that will assist us in placing you in an appropriate administrative module, and fully registering you as a member of our community.

Code: [Select]

[b]Historical Name:[/b]

[b]Is this name available? (Check the Rosters):[/b]

[b]Link to Steam Profile:[/b]

[b]Do you own a copy of Holdfast: Nations at War?:[/b]

[b]What Country do you live in?:[/b]

[b]Are you part of another unit in Holdfast?:[/b]

[b]Have you read the post about event times?:[/b]

[b]What units or gaming communities have you been part of?:[/b]

[b]Have you read and understood your responsibilities as a community member?:[/b]

[b]Have you read and understood the rules?:[/b] 

[b]Optional: How did you find out about us?:[/b]

[b]Optional: If one of our members recruited you, what was their name?:[/b]

1. Write the nickname that you want people to call you. Make sure that it is one word, or assume that people will call you the first word in the name.
2. Choose a historical name and surname for your character. This name must be English and cannot be the name of a famous or existing fictional person. (i.e Arthur Wellesley, or Richard Sharpe etc)
3. The names you choose cannot be taken.
4. Open Steam, go to profile, and right click anywhere to copy page URL.
5. You must own a copy of Holdfast.
6. This will determine the section you are placed in and the events you will be expected to attend.
7. We ask this because you cannot be part of another Holdfast unit to join us.
8. Make sure you are able to attend at least 2 of them.
9. Knowing your background gives us an idea of what your goals in the unit are. This streamlines our process of finding additional staff.
10. You must read and understand your responsibilities as a member.
11 . You must read and understand the rules

Event Times
EU Events are at 18:30 GMT
     1. Wednesday
     2. Friday
     3. Sunday

NA Events are at 19:30 EST
     1. Friday
     2. Sunday at 13:30 EST

Since the developers have been failing to fix melee in over a year we have cut back on the number of events, if that update happens we will consider re-adding those.
There may be additional special events scheduled for naval battles and coastal sieges.

Resources - Read Them!
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Re: Enlistment Application Instructions
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2018, 01:25:56 pm »
Updated 01/03/2017
A separate form has been created for discharged members of the King's Own to allow a simplified re-integration into the unit.
Click here for the Reenlistment Form.