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What are Staff Members?
« on: March 13, 2018, 01:29:13 am »

PSA on Staff Selection.
One of the most important points of observation in the selection of new Staff members (LCpl+) is their ability to speak for the leader. In other words, to be Saga.
All members of staff are entrusted to represent the Regiment in discussions with other leaders and developers, and to make rational decisions in place of Saga.
Their decisions are backed by the authority of the leader, and it is vital that the right people are given this trust.
Saga will always give leaders the benefit of the doubt in all situations, resulting in a large difference of power between members and staff.
This gap of power and potential for abuse is controlled for by our lengthy selection process.
Take this into consideration when competing for a position as a staff member.

I hope this clears up why we take a very long time selecting our staff members, and have started selection at the lowest ranks.